Super Animal Royale Hack Free - X-Ray, Bhop, NoRecoil, Zoom+

  • Developer: 1337xyzzy
  • Status:
  • Updated: 31.05.22
  • Current version: 7.0

An up-to-date and working hack for the Super Animal Royale game is available for anyone who wants to play with cheats. Do you want more game features in the Super Animal Royale game? use this free cheat without a ban! A multifunctional and simple cheat for the SAR game.

Super Animal Royale Hack Free

The hack is launched in one click, the functions are controlled using hotkeys, which is very convenient and practical. Using this hack, you can use such functions as: X-Ray, Bhop, NoRecoil, Zoom+, No Banana and other functions.

The Best Super Animal Royale Hack Free

Instruction manual:

1. Start the game

2. Run the cheat

3. Activate the functions using the keys



hamster ball speed

hitbox (high settings may trigger ban)

no recoil

no banana stun

item xray

player xray


Free Download Super Animal Royale Hack Free - X-Ray, Bhop, NoRecoil, Zoom+

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  1. PugzDie
    19 December 2021 22:21

    Didnt work for me game is most likely updated now

    1. MiL-f4
      3 July 2022 09:56

      в чите сверху пишется о том что он устарел

  2. kanyeeast
    21 October 2021 12:03

    nope not working. my game is open and cant do nothin to open em


  3. sebnop
    14 September 2021 12:07
    If you dont want to get insta banned dont use 'p' (hitbox hack is currently detected)

  4. YeetCuntzYoops
    10 September 2021 05:51
    instabanned- dont use this if you want to get banned after a single round of gameplay

    1. aBsTrAcT_dEnUVo
      5 October 2021 15:30
      yo can you delete this comment the creator above you made a comment about why and what not to do.

  5. EySwag
    EySwag · DaGoose#8721
    9 September 2021 19:11
    awesome... aimbot next?

    8 September 2021 20:25
    "Failed to find to GameAssambly.dll"

    1. sebnop
      14 September 2021 12:06
      the cheat needs to be launched after you launch the game

  7. Popslap
    5 September 2021 03:44
    how do you use the config?

  8. h182
    5 September 2021 03:00
    don't work

  9. lolol187
    5 September 2021 00:42
    nice cheat, working

New Comments
xray7694 xray7694

i can't drag 'Internal.dll' into 'hookloader.exe'.

someone help

Wassssuupp Wassssuupp

I cant extract it, it keeps saying something like This file is somethin somethin Skip or Try again

SnapshotMe SnapshotMe

you need to close genshin impact, because the injector is a launcher
it needs to bypass anticheat so why it starts the game open your game via using injector.exe

rakitgaming1 rakitgaming1

can i have the new version i already add you on discord this is my discord rakitjohn#0935