Cheat for Halo Infinite - Aimbot, Aim HotKey, Aim Config, Aim Speed

  • Developer: Patted
  • Status:
  • Updated: 03.12.21
  • Current version: Unknown

A simple and free cheat for the game Halo Infinite with the functions Aimbot, Aim HotKey, Aim Config, Aim Speed is available on our website. Using this unnoticed cheat in the game Halo Infinite, you will be able to use the Aimbot function with which shooting adjustment will be available to you, thereby you will be able to adjust your shooting from any game weapon and make it much more accurate and faster. Simply put, you will be able to eliminate your opponents in a matter of seconds using the Aimbot function for Halo Infinite.

Cheat for Halo Infinite - Aimbot

To start using the Aimbot Halo Infinite cheat, you need to set the game settings as shown in the screenshot:

Aimbot Halo Infinite

How to use:

  1. Go to Settings and change your enemy color to Cerise
  2. Run the program after starting Halo Infinite
  3. Choose your settings
  4. Press Insert

In order for the cheat to work, you need to download the AutoHotkey program

Additionally, you need to run the cheat as an administrator

Free Download Cheat for Halo Infinite - Aimbot, Aim HotKey, Aim Config, Aim Speed

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  1. M7X
    17 January 2022 07:52

    its bum doesn't work for shi

  2. Banisher
    6 January 2022 17:47

    It's not working

  3. aerxo
    30 December 2021 08:16

    It says it cant be opened by windows. please help

  4. dickssonmp
    5 December 2021 05:56

    Can you please explain in detail how to use the hack and autohotkey ... if possible on video please 😥

    1. PurplyGaming
      Real Cheater
      16 December 2021 12:47
      are you stupid? im literally 11 and i can code ok THERES A HOW TO USE: AT THE PAGE ARE YOU BLIND MATE??

  5. yigitcan312
    5 December 2021 01:57

    It's not working

  6. vrabcak
    4 December 2021 20:13

    Not working dont even bother

  7. EySwag
    EySwag · DaGoose#8721
    3 December 2021 23:06

    is autohotkey undetected?

    1. vrabcak
      4 December 2021 19:46

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you need to close genshin impact, because the injector is a launcher
it needs to bypass anticheat so why it starts the game open your game via using injector.exe

Desahgbasd Desahgbasd

very good cheat, but i hope u add aimbot or silent aim to it. But the cheat are great. i love it

Sarmale460 Sarmale460

The skins from inventory changer doesn't remain if i close and reopen csgo. Is there a way to keep them so I don't have to add them every single time ?