Fishing Planet Cheat - Fish ESP, Alarm Indicator and More

  • Developer: Garev
  • Status:
  • Updated: 03.05.22
  • Current version: 1.1.0

A brand new and unique cheat for Fishing Planet called The Fisherman. This cheat has such functions as Fish ESP, Alarm Indicator, No Fish Fight, Fish Type Detector, Strong Fishing Rod 1000x, Large Casting Multiplier 10x, Instant Catch, Units Toggle, the functionality of this excellent cheat is impressive. And of course this cheat is extremely easy to use, you do not need the knowledge of a professor to take advantage of this software. Since, this hack uses a handy menu, you can see it on the screenshot. With it the problems and setting the functions of this multihack, which you need, exactly will not be, everything is made quite simple.

How to use:

Just drag and drop the "Assembly-CSharp.dll" in your game directory "\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\The Fisherman - Fishing Planet\FishingPlanet_Data\Managed"

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  1. Z4B3K0
    12 August 2022 20:37

    Where to put this file, i dont have managed folder help

  2. mrmot
    21 June 2022 00:57

    Where to put this file, i dont have managed folder please help

  3. DragosCatalin
    20 June 2022 15:05

    where should I put it if I don't have a Managed folder

  4. phuckfishing12
    16 May 2022 16:43

    Where is the light edition download? I have played with the pro version, but when spinning, the fish do not get hooked because of no fish fight. It would be cool to make that a toggle thing, as well as the insta reel.

  5. kappapazz82
    7 May 2022 20:48


New Comments

calm bro if you dont like it you can search for another cheats ! easy <3

nutela_bose nutela_bose

i keep getting the error "46 - Error: Problem getting flash information."
anyone know if im doing something wrong or if theres a fix?

kingdog123 kingdog123

stupid well deserve. your stupidness is high off the roof