Inside the Backrooms Cheat - NoClip, Infinite Stamina

  • Developer: Chr0nicxHack3r
  • Status:
  • Updated: 04.12.23
  • Current version: 1.1.20

Inside the Backrooms Cheat - NoClip, Infinite Stamina

New cheat-trainer for the new game Inside the Backrooms (Steam) with NoClip, Infinite Stamina, Bhop. A great trainer if you want to use more gameplay features in the game Inside the Backrooms. If you want to surprise or scare your friends in the multiplayer game Inside the Backrooms, this hack is perfect for your needs. Using this cheat you will be able to pass through walls, fly, use infinite stamina and much more. 

The developer supports this project and promises to add new features in the next updates, such as Fly, the ability to edit inventory items.


1. Launch game
2. Play singleplayer or host a game
3. Once loaded in and can move around open trainer
4. Use keybinds to activate cheats

Key Notes:

1. If you quit to the main menu you have to restart trainer when reloaded into new game
2. You must have 2 or more of a single item for it to never go away
3. Cheats still work after death (Most AI with jumpscare can still kill you pickup items after respawn)
4. If you close trainer during game it will revert cheats back to normal


- Inf stamina

- Inf health

- No anxiety

- No Radiation

- Cant drop items

- Monsters don't attack anyone

- Don't lose live

- Pause death timer


Internal (DLL)

External (EXE)

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  1. saltworker
    16 December 2023 15:19

    whats the process name?

  2. saltworker
    16 December 2023 14:58

    how do i activate?

  3. azrod
    23 August 2022 01:23

    Infinite stamina don't work

    1. epic_creeper103
      23 October 2022 20:37

      They did just update the game things tend to break.

New Comments
richardwbkr richardwbkr

I tried to inject using process hacker but failed:

Unable to inject DLL into SoTGame.exe (PID:25648): Access denied.

Can anyone help?pls.

hanyshoaib hanyshoaib

update the hack please 3.3 why take so long 

Julia00 Julia00

When you are in game:
1. Press tab to open menu and tab again to close it (you will not see cursor still but wait)
2. Without cursor try to open SETTINGS > GRAPHICS > change display mode to windowed
3. Use Alt + tab and choose genshin impact window (do it until cursor show up)
4. You can now go back to fullscreen

^ try this if just "alt+tab" dont work