The Outlast Trials Hack and Cheat - Item ESP

  • Developer: Exp0xr
  • Status:
  • Updated: 03.08.23
  • Current version: 0.0.3

The Outlast Trials Hacks and Cheat - Item ESP

A new cheat for the new horror game The Outlast Trials is available for free download from this page. Since there are no hacks for The Outlast Trials yet, you can download this simple Item ESP hack right now and use the hidden features of the game. With this hack, you will be able to see through the textures on the map, namely antidotes, bottles, batteries, currencies, and many other items. The search will become much easier, and you will be able to pass the game's plot at a fast pace and not stand in one place in search of the items you need.

The Outlast Trials menu hack

The Outlast Trials is a new horror game on Steam and Epic Games. You will be playing alone or with friends in first person. The main task of completing certain tasks is running away from various enemies. There are four classes of characters, each with their own unique abilities. You will constantly run out of resources, such as batteries, lockpicks, and antipsychotic drugs, and to find them quickly, we suggest you download this Item ESP hack.

ESP Features:

- Antidote
- Bricks
- Bottles
- Batteries
- Lockpicks
- Colltectibles
- Currencies
- Quests
- Utilities
- Health


1. Download the cheat from our website.

2. Open the archive using Winrar.

3. Unpack the cheat at your convenience.

4. Open the exe in game lobby

5. Select windowded or borderless windowed in settings(borderless windowed will be better)

6. Press [INSERT] in the game to bring up the menu.


Free Download The Outlast Trials Hack and Cheat - Item ESP

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  1. datcoiofficial
    20 June 2023 14:03

    After I activated the cheat, the overlay of the hack was black and I can’t see anything in the game, hope this will be fixed soon.

  2. khaldoon
    7 June 2023 01:02

    crashes after injecting. Also change menu key if possible thank you

  3. khaldoon
    7 June 2023 00:54

    there are 2 processes for TOT. After injecting one of them crashes the game and the other doesn't do anything.
    please update and change keybind. thx

  4. reconph13
    3 June 2023 19:16

    anyone have this cracked game?

    1. bodhi20
      Real Cheater
      bodhi20 · zuhuinc
      3 June 2023 23:07

      their sorta was one but they patched it with server side check.

      1. reconph13
        4 June 2023 21:36

        well shit. i hope when they start developing OUTLAST 3 they forget about this i love the outlast series i wanna play this too

        1. bodhi20
          Real Cheater
          bodhi20 · zuhuinc
          5 June 2023 07:31

          1. people already count/call this outlast 3.
          2. if you wanna play it than buy it isn't that hard (use something like allkeyshop).

New Comments
saadbc43 saadbc43

yeah its true , but the owner of this cheat doesnt want to give us the cheat for free 

saadbc43 saadbc43

can someone just write the key here , and let us be , this is annoying man

bahomoz10 bahomoz10

my friend send me his key, and i tried the cheat and it's worked.

Ole-Andreas Karlsen Ole-Andreas Karlsen

Whats the button for the menu. ive tried to inject with Sunset, however it says injected succseed, but idont know how to open the actual hack menu.