SoT - Fov Changer

  • Developer: valasco
  • Status:
  • Updated: 11.07.22
  • Current version: STEAM ONLY

SoT - Fov Changer

A great free Fov Changer cheat for the game Sea of Thieves, which directly changes the FOV, the field of view of your character. That allows you to see much more objects, which means you will receive much more information than other players, much better able to see objects and enemies as well as a bottle of rum.

The Best Free Fov Changer for Sea of Thieves

How to use

The cheat opens on the INS key (INSERT)

The cheat is deleted on the key DEL (DELETE)

Known Issues

"90 Map FOV" option and "Cannon FOV sliders" wont get applied until you get off the map or cannon and get back on

Some Engine.ini file texture packs crash the game when used with the FOV

Overwolf overlay software causes a crash when used with the FOV


Free Download SoT - Fov Changer

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nightsp001 nightsp001

no, and don't try to do it, you make the game make no sense and it would get boring later.

nightsp001 nightsp001

Can you tell us what you have activated? and, there is no way to unban, just wait for 1 month to pass if it is your first ban, the second will be 15 years.