• Developer: Lufzys1337
  • Category: Splitgate
  • Updated: 11.08.21
  • Current version: v1.2 (latest)

A simple TriggerBot cheat on Splitgate for which you will not get a game ban. This is a great solution for many players who want to improve their shooting from any type of weapon. With the help of the TriggerBot function, you can shoot at enemies much more accurately and thereby eliminate your target much faster. Thanks to the developer Lufzys1337 for the cheat provided.

Splitgate TriggerBot Hacks
The cheat is launched in one click, you do not need to download additional injectors and other programs. There is a menu where you can configure the TriggerBot function to suit your level of play.

Needs Fullscreen borderless
Don't works on melee/fists weapons


  • Menu Key - Insert
  • Stream Proof - End
  • Performance - Home
  • Toggle - F1
  • Humanize - F2
  • Draw Fov - F3

Requirements (for Rewritten v1.2):
Uncheck - Show Sprint Crosshair
Change all weapon crosshair to "Dot"
Splitgate TriggerBot (Color Based) + Stream Proof

Download Splitgate TriggerBot (Color Based) + Stream Proof

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  1. PurplyGaming · Real Cheater· 27 · error
    10 November 2021 10:36

    not working

  2. ylanrxocket · User· 1 · error
    9 August 2021 19:42

    its detected, im banned :) 

    possible to receive a spoofer to unban me

    1. jakadels · User· 2 · error
      11 August 2021 02:54
      I got banned too and i used it for like 10 seconds in custom match and then turned it off because I didn't like it.

      pls spoofer i had level 34 I don't want to make a new account.
    2. queiscool · User· 1 · error
      25 August 2021 09:46
      is this a virus
  3. lilpapa · User· 1 · error
    9 August 2021 17:24

    was showing when i started the game, dissapeared when it got to the que


  4. GooseBoiHasKnife · Real Cheater· 159 · error · ZBPX.rl#9552
    8 August 2021 10:00

    It lags your game really bad if you don't have a good gpu and it doesn't work for the AR