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  • Developer: ShieldSupporter
  • Status:
  • Updated: 01.03.21
  • Current version: 01/03/2021

Another free cheat for the popular online game Valheim is available for download from our website. This is a unique cheat with excellent functionality with which you can have more features on game servers. Thanks to this hack on the game Valheim, you will have the opportunity to fly, run fast, see players or mobs at a long distance, use Item VAC, as well as additional troll functions, for example, to play a joke on a friend.

Unlimited Stamina/Fast Regen
Creature ESP/Player ESP
Item VAC
13337 Weight.

Step 1 - Download
Step 2 - Extract
Step 3 - Replace the files in the folder "Valheim" here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim\valheim_Data\Managed
Step 4 In the folder "Launcher" whilst at main menu open up the Launch.bat file included.
Step 5 Load game and dont be a toxic douche.

ItemVAC using the "Home Key"
Unload the hack using "F10"
Toggle ESP on using F3
Toggle Item ESP on using F4

Free Download Valheim Shield Edition | ESP | Speed | ItemVAC | Fly | TrollFeature

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  1. emusiek1
    emusiek1 · Emusiek1#2137
    25 June 2021 01:17

    meh after replacing files game starrted crash 

  2. Victorwaw
    1 March 2021 17:31
    ok... Idon't know what to think about it

    1 March 2021 17:10
    this can esily be accomplished with the trainer on wemod. idfk what you guys are doing here needing ESP for a PVE game.

  4. Triq
    Real Cheater
    1 March 2021 10:01
    Please don't cheat in valheim

    1. xeminent1
      18 September 2021 07:25
      i cheat cry about it

New Comments
dicho dicho

The most prominent of these will be your agent character and the gloves you are using and then the items that are selected are a knife or a gun.

Yes, they can view it, it will only be visible in the lobby waiting room.

dicho dicho

Don't give false information, the only place where the changed skins can be seen is the lobby waiting area.

dicho dicho

You must be imagining things

What good is it in a finished game

dicho dicho

How many times do I have to tell you that the passwords are 123?

dicho dicho

You can no longer run outdated csgo cheats

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