Maze V5 CSGO Hack (Python Project) + autoupdate offsets

  • Developer: SQL
  • Status:
  • Updated: 10.01.22
  • Current version: 5.0

Hello cheater! To your attention, a new free cheat on CSGO Maze (Python) from the SQL developer. A great solution for those who want to play unnoticed, with a minimum of features, but to make the game fast and efficient. This cheat was developed in Python with open external code, so you can edit the cheat yourself. The probability of getting banned for using this hack is very low, because there are very few aggressive features that interact with the game. The entire cheat is controlled using the menu that is called to your desktop, you can configure any function simply by minimizing the game.

The cheat has a simple menu. Connects to the game automatically after running the cheat. It has auto-updatable offsets + takes some offsets directly from the game, this helps to work if not all, then part of the cheat functions after updating the game. The cheat saves the settings when you close the cheat, and also loads it when you start it.

Features Maze V5:

  • ESP (With the possibility to choose the color using the RGB color picker (in the settings you can change, and even the thickness of the strokes of players))
  • ESP Dynamic (If the enemy has more than 60 HP, it is highlighted in the RGB color ESP, less than 40, less than 20 yellow and red)
  • Chams (Fill of the player (only if it is visible directly))
  • Nigth Mod (Fade game)
  • FOV (Change the angle of the player (when changing the values need to disable and enable))
  • Global WH (Wallhack, which is enabled using console r_drawothermodels 2)
  • AIM Bot (There are several body parts for aiming, aiming radius (1-26) and aiming smoothness (1-2000)
  • Semi-Rage AIM (Slightly redesigned AIM, by default it is aimed at the head (you can change the bone in the settings))
  • Trigger Bot (Has a delay before firing, can bind to the side mouse buttons, or shoot without pressing (No Key))
  • Skinchanger (Enter the ID of the skins in the file "skins. ini" , to update F6)
  • Auto Pistol (Auto pistol (works on automatic weapons, this should be taken into account))
  • Bunny Hop (Even works on ctrl)
  • Radar Hack (Works as a game patch)
  • No Flash (After disabling it, you may need to re-enter the match to re-appear blinding)
  • Show Money (Shows money from players)

#Source Code: GitHub

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  1. Matija123634
    22 February 2022 18:46

    until yesterday everything work extra, after yesterday update glow esp hp, and auto pistol not working pls update :D other things all good 

  2. sayko321
    31 January 2022 23:19

    i click in Maze.exe* and he say Cloun not open precess:8732 

    how to fix it ?

    how to use

  3. jurisraivo
    23 January 2022 20:06

    There is only esp settings.
    Where aimbot settings?

  4. GGboyXd
    2 August 2021 13:20

    How to use


    How to use


  5. sarran
    7 July 2021 15:00

    can you update it 

  6. rux9089
    29 June 2021 19:49
    Quote: kuzi4

    Can you tell me how to use it?



  7. kuzi4
    28 June 2021 20:09

    Can you tell me how to use it?

  8. Frigg
    26 June 2021 23:00

    des fr qui pourrait m'aider à config l'aimbot svp ?
    someone could help me to config the aimbot ?


    1. liloiji
      8 February 2022 20:24
      seletfire c mieux en plus y a des config un partout sur internet

  9. Botnim1337
    26 June 2021 21:53


    very nice

  10. Mates92
    26 June 2021 21:48

    does it have some bypass sv_pure ? i want to use migi and i want ud cheat for that

  11. mariodacuhac
    26 June 2021 21:40

    mazekeen? =]]

  12. CagriBeyHD
    Real Cheater
    1 June 2021 17:28

    nice russian paste

    1. PizzaFreakTV
      28 June 2021 21:20
      its a python projekt how can it be a paste

  13. CrisCastri2020
    Real Cheater
    31 May 2021 18:24


  14. giorgi lashkhi
    31 May 2021 17:56

    can you tell me what to press for aimbot?

  15. noobsagkhar
    noobsagkhar · No Name#4050
    31 May 2021 14:57

    hi nice ur work so good but it can be better. +rep

  16. AlbertoSMK
    31 May 2021 14:54

    firstt ! nice cheat is very good ! good job bro <3


New Comments
yimeng yimeng

The game has been updated, and it has failed.

jatbcxz jatbcxz

Does it still work? for me it just doesn't work at all and i'm worried the new update may detect me

Sirhomer Sirhomer

descarga el pop para bf4 esta funcionando y sin ningun problema

rogue0942 rogue0942

The weapon attributes doesn't work.. why?