Faceit External AimBot Free - neural network cheat

  • Developer: stripov1337
  • Status:
  • Updated: 18.12.21
  • Current version: 1.0

Working External AimBot cheat on CSGO Faceit which is available for free on our website. This is a universal cheat from Russian developers that you can use on the Faceit league. If you want to hit the target accurately on the Faceit league, then we advise you to download this free cheat with the Aimbot function. Your shooting will become much more accurate from any type of weapon.

Faceit csgo cheat free

Hurry up to use this cheat until it is discovered by Faceit developers. The cheat is written in the Python programming language, so it will not be difficult to run it. We do not recommend using it on your main account, because there is a chance that you will be noticed and you will get banned. Follow the instructions and you will succeed!

How to use Faceit External AimBot Cheat:

  1. Download the archive
  2. Install the libraries from the file requirements.txt | pip install -r requirements.txt |
  3. Run | python main.py |

Settings for the game:

  • The speed of fine-tuning depends on the sensitivity. sensitivity 3 - smuch 0, sensitivity 0.8 - smuch 5
  • When starting the game, you need to register m_rawinput 0 in the console
  • Works only in windowed and fullscreen in window

Free Download Faceit External AimBot Free - neural network cheat

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  1. FauEnEm
    30 December 2021 00:23


    this cannot work,

    its basicly pine's neural network aimbot from 2019.

    if this whould work we whould all have masses of aimbots for faceit.

    this can work maybe optimized on EAC. 

  2. lou4lou
    26 December 2021 12:38

    if u want use this cheat,first,you need a good computer:)

    1. JakeEpps
      26 December 2021 16:15
      fps limit to 20 with this script

  3. JakeEpps
    22 December 2021 10:27

    fps 20, bad software :D haha

    not aimbot, but horror, the sight sometimes does not aim at the character model, and even the fps eats

  4. HackTaiKhoan002
    20 December 2021 19:30

    Which specific version of python do i have to use in oder to install this thing.

  5. prcalinka
    19 December 2021 13:34

    why this anticheat window is from 2019??

  6. LuchoUwU
    18 December 2021 22:39

    Can anyone who has tried it tell me if it works?

    1. Dobamm
      19 December 2021 02:38
      Test it by yourself. CSGO is dead game anyways.

      Test it by yourself. CSGO is dead game anyways.