Victoria Free External CSGO Hack - Rage, Legit, Skins, FPS Boost

  • Developer: Qvas
  • Status:
  • Updated: 21.04.22
  • Current version: FREE

Victoria Free External CSGO Hack

I recommend you to download free and working cheat Victoria External for the game CSGO from this page. This is a versatile hack with many different functions that will suit many players. It has all the required features for a pleasant game, such as RageBot, LegitBot, SkinChanger, FPS Boost, Bhop, ESP, Aimbot and many other features. If you want to dominate the game servers, be the first in the game table and not get banned in the game, then you should download this hack and try it yourself.

Free External CSGO Hack menu

This is an External cheat with a wide range of functions. The cheat is relevant since 2015 and during this time no one has received a global blocking in the game CSGO. The cheat is constantly being improved and updated by developers to make it much better. Subscribe to the publication so you don't miss the current version of Victoria cheat.

Discord Developer:


  • Stable operation is guaranteed only on OS Windows 10/11 with the latest updates.
  • Previous OS versions may not fully support the program operation.
  • An up-to-date version of Visual C++ is required for the program to work.
  • Download it here:
  • Before launching it is strongly recommended to disable all antiviruses.

How to use:

  1. Create a folder "C:\Victoria\" and unzip the files from the archive into it
  2. Create the folder "C:\Victoria\Configs" and move the configs to it
  3. Run Victoria.exe as administrator
  4. If you have the activation key, insert it in the text field next to the key button and click on the key
  5. Select the version, click "Download" and wait for the download
  6. Click on "Launch".
  7. You're ready to play!

Free Download Victoria Free External CSGO Hack - Rage, Legit, Skins, FPS Boost

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  1. AlexandruYT96
    30 August 2023 19:19

    Why is crashing when i run it?

  2. mrlishere
    20 July 2022 14:58

    victoria ban wave :D

  3. kerem ismet
    kerem ismet · Rolesional#3635
    31 May 2022 17:03

    that's not external cheat

  4. youliettetores
    28 April 2022 23:00

    this isnt even free LOL

  5. izi_ezzzzzz
    26 April 2022 22:23

    this cheat its for hvh?

  6. ampuladedelfin
    22 April 2022 07:36

    This gets to the first page because it's rage lol

  7. cj7
    22 April 2022 04:49

    This cheat looks very cool!

  8. bunnyhopper3
    22 April 2022 03:08

    nope just new for cheater fun cheats list

    1. bunnyhopper3
      22 April 2022 03:09

      and i do recommend this hack

  9. asdasdsadadsadsaasdsdasdsad
    21 April 2022 23:00

    I like how this is so new and got the 1st place


    IT doesn't work-but we will se about that.

    edit: it isn't working

New Comments
wakaflaka wakaflaka

W update best free cs2 cheat out there keep updating this cheat fr

kakk21342 kakk21342

we need an update, cs2 updated and the cheat doesn t work anymore. cheers to the dev

amirdr1388 amirdr1388

how to add offsets on game?

undetek undetek

What programs or database are needed to create a mod menu? please help

ben109 ben109

you copy the offsets and then you open the folder of the cheat, in the folder there is a file that says offsets, delete the old ones and paste the new ones, save them and youre ready