• Developer: Grringo
  • Category: CSGO
  • Updated: 02.01.19
  • Current version: [01/02/19]

New Year has passed, and the administrator still can not put a new cheat on CS: GO, but today 01.02.19 we are pleased to provide you with a new working internal cheat on CSGO under the name Rasputin. The hack is perfect for Legit play (stealth play). Cheat does not contain a special menu with extensive settings, but only hotkeys with ESP functions settings. In principle except ESP (Wallhack) here there are no more functions that does it protected from VAC anti-cheat.

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Rasputin Simple Internal MM & DZ

Download Rasputin Simple Internal MM & DZ

The file has been deleted
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  1. MaxThr3at · Cheater· 13 · error
    4 January 2019 16:28
    Great for stealth play, this cheat doesn't have anythinh but ESP. But, if you don't want to get banned. This is great.