BLOCKPOST Wallhack (Steam)

  • Developer: Nseven
  • Status:
  • Updated: 13.11.18
  • Current version: [11/13/18]
Now you have the opportunity to play a new BLOCKPOST game with Wallhack cheat. This hack is new and not yet noticeable among the anti-cheat, because the protection of the game is still weak. You have the opportunity to download a free cheat on the game BLOCKPOST from our site, without viruses and advertising. Fight in a cube game in the style of Minecraft with a big advantage thanks to the hack on the BLOCKPOST.

In this hack there is only one single function - a Wallhack or can still be attributed to the category of ESP functions. The hack will highlight the models of your enemies, their nicknames and the amount of health and thus making these textures visible through the walls (example in the main screenshot).
All you need is a working injector to inject .DLL file.
Namespace: Loader
Namespace: Load
Namespace: Init

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  1. basilhs0
    4 August 2020 22:31
    not aktiv

    1. dudew
      Real Cheater
      4 August 2020 22:41
      OUTDATED - the functions may not work and you may get banned. Wait for the update.

  2. SohamMinecraftRE
    29 July 2020 16:04
    Its 0 byte scam

  3. dark7samurai
    4 March 2019 22:05
    водка, путин, балалайка! КРЫМ НАШ!

    1. knaifor
      30 September 2020 08:24
      одобряю росия росия росия

  4. spectre2409
    14 December 2018 00:44
    How to activate in game ? which key ?

  5. teroristozzz
    18 November 2018 21:26
    мусора сосать путин хуило 

  6. Monster4k
    4 November 2018 18:14
    press ins ang game crashing how to change

  7. LolzBroz6
    2 November 2018 15:18
    My antivirus says it is a virus?

  8. NIko3333
    2 November 2018 02:39
    You go and download extreme injector

  9. LolzBroz6
    1 November 2018 22:53
    Where can I get an injector??

New Comments
spacely spacely

it was undetected before, why not anymore?

Pxwerv2 Pxwerv2

Can you add an autotalk for scenes that can't be skipped

Coks123fr Coks123fr

it cause its python you have to install python and the stuff it uses but it dont work anymore so dont