PhongHackCFPH - MultiHack

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  • Updated: 28.11.20
  • Current version: 28/11/2020
PhongHackCFPH - MultiHack
You can download a real working cheat for the game Crossfire Philippines from our website. Universal cheat with good functionality and easy management. For example, there are such functions as: visual functions (esp, wallhack), functions for accurate shooting (aimbot, superkill, fastkill), as well as functions for zombie servers, functions for configuring weapons, and much more. Use this cheat yourself and for free from our website. The developer is constantly updating it, so stay tuned on our website so that you don't miss the latest version of the hack Crossfire.

How To Use:
1. Download the File and Extract to Desktop
2. Open the Folder
3. Copy "crossfire.exe", "CShell.dll", "d3dref9.dll", "Run Crossfire 32bit", "Crossfire 32bit"
4. Find the Location of your Crossfire Folder
5. Make Sure you Create a Backup Folder for the Original "crossfire.exe" and "CShell.dll"
6. Paste the File you Copy to Crossfire Folder
7. Run "Run Crossfire 32bit" if Not Working try "Crossfire 32bit"
8. Crossfire Will Automatically Run and the Hacks/Cheat

Free Download PhongHackCFPH - MultiHack

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  1. 632074288
    1 December 2020 12:29
    msz file is not exist. how to fix this

    1. Vol4ok
      7 December 2020 19:30
      +,how to solve this problem?

      1. MrCuna
        25 January 2021 19:38
        Did you realise how to solve that problem?

  2. FauEnEm
    29 November 2020 04:19
    if u order csgo on wish

  3. PandaEntryy
    28 November 2020 18:13
    what game is it?

New Comments
pula pula

wow, works great! developer, add more features like triggerbot, rcs 😎

offlyne offlyne

One of the best cheats for CS2 with good functionality. Chances of getting banned are zero probability, the thing is that this is a read-only kernel cheat. Most importantly play discreetly, so that other players do not complain about you.

P.S: who can not run the cheat, just follow the instructions and video instructions. I have everything works perfectly!

Evelyn L Williams Evelyn L Williams

Hey sorry for bothering you how do you download it now I copied the link