Crossfire Public Hack [PHO] - ESP, Fast Reload, Fast Switch

  • Developer: tris
  • Status:
  • Updated: 01.08.21
  • Current version: v20.0
I want to share with you an excellent hack Crossfire Public Hack [PHO] - ESP, Fast Reload, Fast Switch from the development team This is a universal cheat with which you can dominate the game servers and not get a game lock. The developers are constantly monitoring this project, updating and improving it.

Crossfire Public Hack [PHO]image by

You can activate the following functions: ESP Names, ESP Box, ESP Bones, Fast Reload, Fast Switch, etc... through a convenient menu that you can open right while playing CrossFire.

The startup and setup are very simple. Follow the instructions and you will succeed!

How to use:

  1. Register Your Account Here First
  2. Extract Your Downloaded Zip File To Desktop
  3. Open Your Extracted Zip File Folder
  4. Run As Administrator "Random Name" Loader
  5. Enter Your Pinoy Hide Out Forum Name
  6. Click Show My Key
  7. Go To Keysec Here
  8. Login Your Account
  9. Copy/Paste Your Key Then Activate New Key
  10. Click Load
  11. Then Play "Crossfire PH"
  12. Press "Insert" To Show And Hide The Menu
  13. Use Your "Arrow Keys" To On And Off The Function
  14. Enjoy

How to use (Video):

Free Download Crossfire Public Hack [PHO] - ESP, Fast Reload, Fast Switch

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  1. raykael1
    28 October 2021 17:12

    client not activated po how to fix this?

  2. krustarchriscanceran
    10 October 2021 01:21

    how to cheat


  3. randomdude69
    4 August 2021 19:53

    supports cfph?


    1. thjojoplaye
      9 January 2023 07:27

      i support if cheat is true

New Comments
richardwbkr richardwbkr

I tried to inject using process hacker but failed:

Unable to inject DLL into SoTGame.exe (PID:25648): Access denied.

Can anyone help?pls.

hanyshoaib hanyshoaib

update the hack please 3.3 why take so long 

Julia00 Julia00

When you are in game:
1. Press tab to open menu and tab again to close it (you will not see cursor still but wait)
2. Without cursor try to open SETTINGS > GRAPHICS > change display mode to windowed
3. Use Alt + tab and choose genshin impact window (do it until cursor show up)
4. You can now go back to fullscreen

^ try this if just "alt+tab" dont work