• Developer: wh0am15533
  • Category: Injectors
  • Updated: 11.10.21
  • Current version: v2.5

I want to recommend to your attention an excellent working injector SharpMonoInjector. This injector is great for games written on the Unity engine. Using SharpMonoInjector, you can safely implement a cheat into your favorite game and thereby play it using various hacks, which for example you downloaded from our website.


Each cheat is accompanied by instructions for injecting into the game, so you should not have problems during startup. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

SharpMonoInjector v2.5 - Fixed and Updated

Download SharpMonoInjector v2.5 - Fixed and Updated

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  1. Tinemaradsarme
    25 March 2022 21:24

    What is the password in winrar?

  2. AMASL
    3 January 2022 02:29

    No Mono processess found the game is mir4

  3. Donczapka
    15 December 2021 19:19

    process list is blank ?!? how to fix it

  4. ZiggyTheMan
    15 December 2021 11:22

    is their a tutorial how to use it


  5. Crentzu
    Real Cheater
    28 October 2021 04:16

    which settings should i use for Load Library and Manual Map on csgo?

  6. ogblackhawk
    11 October 2021 23:49

    How do I go about using this injector? i downloaded a rust cheat but have no idea how to use it, and it doesn't come which instructions.

  7. InwaUser
    11 October 2021 15:04

    No Mono processess found!

    1. bodhi20
      Real Cheater
      bodhi20 · ZuhuIncﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞ⚠⧖⧖⚠#9999
      28 October 2021 07:57
      what game are you trying to inject in cause it only supports unity

      1. Xexecesez2
        19 January 2022 14:18
        I'm trying to play the game called "Zero Hour". I don't know if this is supported, and if it is, tell me. Plus, The process is blank.