SoT (Sea of Thieves) DLL Injector

  • Developer: fureur
  • Status:
  • Updated: 29.04.22
  • Current version: 1.0

SoT (Sea of Thieves) DLL Injector

I recommend you to download the current and free cheat injector for the game Sea of Thieves. Using this injector you will be able to implement a DLL cheat in the game. Thus you will be able to embed any cheats in the game SoT, quickly and safely.

At the moment the injector works only with UWP (Universal Windows Platform).

How to use SoT Injector:

Run Sea of Thieves

Run the program

Select the DLL you want to inject

Press inject

All actual free cheats for the game Sea of Thieves are on our website in the Cheats for SoT

Free Download SoT (Sea of Thieves) DLL Injector

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  1. GaloJoia
    26 January 2023 08:02

    its sayng Unable to create remote thread

  2. GaloJoia
    26 January 2023 07:55

    this shit needs a password?

  3. jeimeros
    5 January 2023 01:48

    can someone help me i do not know how to run uwp version of sea of thieves

  4. Air710
    31 December 2022 03:16

    it tells me to copy text to start download. ok so i copied, i must be missing a step here, can someone help me?

    1. SclipzyEz
      31 December 2022 10:47

      copy and paste it in another tab u fucking idiot

  5. ArmanJoker
    7 May 2022 21:46

    you must run an uwp version of sea of thieves firs

    how to fix this erorre?

    1. TREx32
      30 November 2022 20:45

      This IS Will Work Only On Xbox Ver Not Steam 

New Comments
MrVenomPL MrVenomPL

for me it works without a problem, check with another injector or make sure you have the latest version of the cheat

Yodaddy7919 Yodaddy7919

Copy cfg.json file from akebi folder to acrepi folder before run.

Freeze4567 Freeze4567

its not working it opens the ui but when i click on the old ui it doesnt work 

camaradebaci122342323 camaradebaci122342323

the cheat is not working, crash in the inject