Fishing Planet Cheat - Free Premium, No Fish Fight, Strike Helper

  • Developer: dumita123
  • Status:
  • Updated: 26.06.22
  • Current version: 2.0

A new very good cheat for Fishing Planet, which has the old features: Free Premium, No Fish Fight, Instant Reel, Strike Helper, and at the moment these are all available hacks, you can configure them and fish with them. In the future there will be a lot more options, and now use the free premium, the fish will no longer resist, a very fast reel and the addition of alerts for float rods. I recommend trying this solution, evaluate the capabilities of this cheat and understand whether it is worth waiting for a new version with a lot of features.

How to use

  • Inject EzFishing.dll into FishingPlanet.exe with any injector you'd like. (x64)
  • Menu is opened from key INSERT
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  1. Yzzq
    23 June 2022 01:13

    it doesnt work

    1. buidoichotl
      23 June 2022 17:13

      its work normaly

        27 June 2022 23:29

        Is some simple dll injector enough for this?

New Comments
ByMynix ByMynix

It's not my injector. The injection is undetected. It's Osiris or other circumstances.

Just038 Just038

Yes and Perfect


En sehr guter cheat wenn nicht sogar einer der Besten meiner auswahl nach