• Developer: crack by BC Reversers
  • Category: CSGO
  • Updated: 07.07.21
  • Current version: 08/07/2021

Your attention is drawn to another crack Phoenix Hack [WH-SATANO] - Visuals, TriggerBot, SkinChanger of a private hack on CSGO that is available to everyone. This is a small cheat with which you can raise your game rank, there are all the necessary functions for playing in the top-1.

crack Phoenix Hack [WH-SATANO]
The functionality is very simple, but relevant and necessary for every cheater. There are visual function settings here, where you can configure wallhack on csgo or esp csgo with which you will see players through the walls, or enable and configure the triggerbot function for automatically aiming the sight at the enemy, additionally decorate the appearance of the weapon using a working skinchanger on csgo.


  • TriggerBot - automatic shot, when pointing at the character
  • Visuals - visual functions
  • SkinChanger - replaces standard skins with any other

Run the injector as an administrator.
Phoenix Hack [WH-SATANO] - Visuals, TriggerBot, SkinChanger

Download Phoenix Hack [WH-SATANO] - Visuals, TriggerBot, SkinChanger

Phoenix Hack [WH-SATANO] - Visuals, TriggerBot, SkinChanger.zip
password: 123
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  1. iiPainzy · User· 1 · error
    19 July 2021 03:34

    whats the menu key?

  2. Aronas · Cheater· 15 · error
    16 July 2021 03:09

    pretty good cheat 8/10 

  3. maanu06bm_ · User· 1 · error
    8 July 2021 03:35

    How do I have it in the game?


    1. TheBoss😗(Radu) · User· 1 · error
      8 July 2021 12:38
      you need to press in cs go f10+enter faster
  4. Kiluan · User· 1 · error
    7 July 2021 23:39

    Hello Future!