BetterGo Python External Multihack CS:GO - ESP, TriggerBot

  • Developer: MaGicSuR
  • Status:
  • Updated: 29.06.22
  • Current version: 1.4.7

BetterGo Python External Multihack CS:GO - ESP, TriggerBot

External Multihack CSGO

BetterGo Python External Multihack CS:GO cheat with regular updates and basic features. There are Aimbot, GlowESP and TriggerBot, as well as other nice features such as RadarHack and many other functions. Also the cheat has a minimum chance of detection VAC, so it can safely play in the MM, just be unnoticed by other players and everything will be fine.

Also, this version of the cheat has been fixed almost all technical problems, no more crashes on the desktop and random minimization of the game. Current version of the cheat will always be posted on the page - have time to watch and download the current version of the hack. This depends on how well you get to hide from the anticheat.

You should download the program itself Python to run this cheat.

Functions cheat:

- Player ESP

- Item ESP (guns, grenades, c4)

- Grenade Trajectory

- Recoil Control System

- TriggerBot

- Auto Pistol

- BunnyHop

- Radar Hack

- No Smoke

- Fov Changer

- Hit Sound

- Spectator List

- Night / Full Bright Mode

- Pattern Scan

- Convars handler

How to use cheat:

Install Python 3.9.2

Launch the CSGO game

Run the app.exe file


Free Download BetterGo Python External Multihack CS:GO - ESP, TriggerBot

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  1. Just_gedis
    3 July 2022 22:12

    how to open cheats menu in game?

  2. fpx
    21 June 2022 05:03

    NECESITO AYUDA CON UN ERROR QUE HACE QUE NO FUNCIONE : module 'offsets' has no attribute 'dwClientState_State'

  3. fachx
    30 May 2022 19:42

    no me funciona mas

  4. adddeee
    27 May 2022 17:01

    what is the password

    1. TopMlky
      Real Cheater
      TopMlky · AsderManas#3312
      29 June 2022 22:16

      if you cant read i dont think you can handle a cheat. its 123 btw.

  5. lou4lou
    26 April 2022 13:25

    python can make cheat?teach me

  6. VadimTheCat
    17 April 2022 07:27

    Still works btw

  7. Ravinn
    Ravinn · Rαʋiɳ#3104
    7 April 2022 18:10

    i have source code 

    free download to my channel discord :)))  

    1. bodhi20
      Real Cheater
      bodhi20 · ZuhuIncﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞ⚠⧖⧖⚠#9999
      7 April 2022 21:38

      you mean: ?
      if you dont want to go true a discord and a linkvertise

  8. L1beration
    5 April 2022 16:40

    not work IT crashed

    1. asdasdsadadsadsaasdsdasdsad
      14 April 2022 16:41

      okey :)

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franxxking77 franxxking77

i haven't been banned and ive been pretty obvious sense i have 40 hours and im getting tone of head shots on ppl wit a deagle. (if theres a setting in misc called anti-event detection which stops u from using obvious and detected features keeping u from getting banned at least thats my experience)