FRA3TAL New CSGO Cheat (Paste LW) / Rage / Legit / Skins

  • Developer: lexoffpls
  • Status:
  • Updated: 31.05.22
  • Current version: 1.0

FRA3TAL New CSGO Cheat (Paste LW) / Rage / Legit / Skins

FRA3TAL is a new free cheat for the game CSGO, which is available on our website. There are all the necessary functions for the game, such as RageBot, Aimbot, ESP, LegitBot, SkinChanger, config system and much more. This is a copy of LegendWare, but with a different menu and modified functionality. The developer promises to update the cheat, so watch for updates on our website.

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  1. Dunkyhax64
    Real Cheater
    2 June 2022 21:57

    pasted shit

  2. pirocao2326
    2 June 2022 20:03

    Source LW pls ?

    pLS Send sOurCe

    1. kerem ismet
      kerem ismet · Rolesional#3635
      4 June 2022 21:26

      search "legendware v3 source code github" in google or github.

  3. Giannakis
    2 June 2022 15:52

    What's the activate button?

  4. yaskrt
    31 May 2022 09:48

    good hack

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