Zenox - Free HvH Cheat for CSGO + Rage Configs

  • Developer: HydraNZ
  • Status:
  • Updated: 25.11.22
  • Current version: beta

We publish for you a new free HVH cheat Zenox for the game CSGO from developers HYDRAnz & q45owl. Great RageBot, beautiful visual features and more. If you want to have fun or play against other cheaters on special hvh servers, Zenox on CSGO is up to the task. Simple and easy menu with a large selection of features, easy controls and customization of functions right during the game.

The cheat is 5 stars, but is currently in beta, to learn about bugs and problems, if you have something does not work, then report it in the comments. To simplify the configuration of the reader we share with you ready-made configs.

How to use Zenox Cheat:

Download any working injector that will support the game CSGO

Section: Injectors

zenox free csgo hvh hack

Configs for Zenox Cheat

Downlod Configs: https://anonym.ninja/download/5j5SCpug3ajc4iQ

Configure path: C:\Zenox, crashhandler injection will not work

Discord Developer:



Update (25.11.2022)

- Rewritten scout logic 

- Fixed name gradient

- Added save/load config confirmation window

- Added gradient for names of weapons and their icons

- Changed Shot Timer

Free Download Zenox - Free HvH Cheat for CSGO + Rage Configs

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  1. nekru32
    21 November 2022 18:02

    what injector i use

  2. Stezix
    20 November 2022 02:13

    Which is menu button?

    1. Martinez0352
      20 November 2022 05:35

      shift + insert

      1. Stezix
        21 November 2022 01:35

        Not working...

  3. Joe_Bidon
    19 November 2022 16:27

    i cant inject or open pls help i want to try

  4. cinevalul2021
    19 November 2022 12:04

    i am gonna try it

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Where can i buy the full version with aimbot 

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help i can't make CompPkgSup.dll 

misyali misyali

Hello, i recommend RubyLab.pl cheats for faceit, personally using it more then 6 months no ban

YousefTamerX2 YousefTamerX2

Crashes when loading configs ?
Didn't happen before