Autohotkey Radar CSGO AHK

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  • Updated: 24.11.22
  • Current version: Current version

Autohotkey Radar CSGO AHK

Free RadarHack cheat for CSGO using Autohotkey. This is a simple cheat with which you can see your enemies on the standard radar. You only need to use the Autohotkey program to run the ahk cheat in the game CSGO.

radar hack csgo free

RadarHack CSGO is a simple solution for many players who want to gain a small advantage among other players and not get banned for it. Using this simple RadarHack feature, you will be able to see your enemies on the radar and know their location in advance, thus you will always be one step ahead of your opponents.

Earlier we already posted for you another AHK Wallhack CSGO script, with which you can see your enemies through walls by means of standard CSGO functions.

How to use AHK Radar CSGO:

To run the script, you will need the AutoHotkey program (Run as ansi 32-bit.)

AutoHotkey program

To activate the cheat in the game, press the [F11] key

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  1. Claudiu23
    24 May 2023 12:14

    should i be in windowed mode?

  2. ready77771
    20 January 2023 21:48

    обновите,не работает,пожалуйста

  3. Shadow19
    17 January 2023 18:09

    Does not work when pressing F11. Please update

New Comments
Petrakous Petrakous

for me the money thing doesnt work. I reinstalled everything but still the 1m loop or the 50k loop doesnt work

Mumundjan Mumundjan

Can anyone explain to me how to use the "chest teleport" function? All help is appreciated

wgrdextra wgrdextra

its kinda detectable... vac just went hard on me :(

wgrdextra wgrdextra

update plz... :( i used it for 1 day now its goneeeeeeeeeeeee