CF Cheat EliteBOX - Simple ESPBox

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  • Updated: 29.07.20
  • Current version: 29/07/2020
If you want to see players through walls, then use this simple solution in the form of a hack on CrossFire. Cheat CF Cheat EliteBOX is very simple and contains only one function in its functionality which is divided into several categories. For example, you can see players through the walls, your enemies will be marked with a square, and their nickname and number of health will be displayed. The cheat is controlled using the working menu that opens directly during the game. The cheat is in Chinese, but this will not prevent you from using it for its intended purpose.

F2 key to open the function window
F3 key to open the health bar display function
F4 key to open the blood volume function display
F5 key to open the display nickname function
F6 key to enable the display crosshair function

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  1. unlove212
    31 July 2020 17:41
    yawa nag post nitong cheat  rage 

    1. resty123
      20 August 2020 04:20
      bobo ka ba? kita mo naman "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK"

  2. shazumi143
    31 July 2020 07:36
    how do i used it?

  3. shotgun29
    30 July 2020 09:48
    cant download 

  4. mightnight
    29 July 2020 21:14
    How to use ?

  5. donkey9ass
    29 July 2020 20:28
    Bad cheat.

    1. AppleBoy
      29 July 2020 20:30
      this is not RAT
      this is china cheats