Minecraft AutoClicker v1.8-1.9

  • Developer: Aziyutie
  • Status:
  • Updated: 23.05.22
  • Current version: 1.0.3

Minecraft Free AutoClicker 1.8-1.9

Autoclicker is a program that can automate quick and frequent left or right mouse clicks without your participation. In Minecraft autoclicker can be useful when mining any resources, digging mines and perform other routine actions. Autoclicker is easy to use, just set intervals at which you will need to click and select the mouse button (left or right).

Minecraft Free AutoClicker

This cheat does work on every server, just make sure you are using version 1.8 - 1.9 for it to work.

This cheat also works on most clients such as Crystal Client, Falcon Client, Badlion Client (disable the anticheat), Lunar Client, and others. (Lunar Client Best Choice)

How to use Minecraft AutoClicker:

1. Open Minecraft and join a server.

2. Open Tuke.exe with Admin Privileges.

3. Change the settings of the cheat as desired.

4. Have Fun

Free Download Minecraft AutoClicker v1.8-1.9

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  1. Pandablacksmith
    7 February 2023 18:50

    The password is not working

  2. ElJamoss
    28 January 2023 13:55

    works on az launcher?

  3. Juhaziel
    24 July 2022 20:41

    got banned

    1. GB13579
      1 November 2022 07:24

      Then don't cheat.

New Comments
zuhu zuhu

make sure u use a program that can extract it that is not files explorer seeing it doesnt have the function to fill in a password

tonq tonq

is it safe or will I get vac ?

George256781 George256781

Bro when I download it I am going to extract the files and says Interrupted error I dont know what to do someone please help me

cyb8107 cyb8107

May I ask the author: Can the feature be turned on or off? (For example: display only health or only name)

Thank you! 😘