Eternal Return: Black Survival | Trainer (IL2Cpp)

  • Developer: wh0am15533
  • Status:
  • Updated: 08.04.21
  • Current version: v1.3

Eternal Return: Black Survival today is a popular MOBA / Battle Royale / Survival game that enjoys great fame. If you want to play all three genres at the same time in the style of anime, then this game is created especially for you.

But we, as a cheating community, offer you to download the latest cheats for this game Eternal Return. The first cheat that we would like to share will be from the developer wh0am15533. This is a unique cheat trainer with many features and a game without a ban. The full list of features, as well as setting up the hack, can be seen below.


  • F1 = Reprint Hotkeys
  • F2 = Enable China Benefits (Main Menu)
  • F3 = Unlock All Characters (Main Menu)
  • F4 = Give Legendary Character Items
  • F5 = Warp to Enemy and Battle/Kill
  • F6 = Toggle Game Wait Time On/Off (Main Menu)
  • RightShift + H = Give Max Health/Stamina (Invincible)
  • RightShift + S = Toggle Stealth
  • RightShift + O = Toggle ESP

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  1. Lychtinet
    23 December 2021 17:56

    is this still working?

  2. Salvando a Felipito
    7 June 2021 20:27

    me metio un virus tu wea

  3. loa0629
    30 May 2021 12:49

    An installation video is required.

  4. zTheDarkPro
    9 May 2021 22:11

    come Injectare??


  5. timboyfer
    9 April 2021 00:05
    When everything is finished, how to open it? if they don't say how. should we guess?

    1. loa0629
      2 June 2021 13:43

  6. Fanhua0311
    8 April 2021 17:16
    how to use??

  7. rlatjddh
    8 April 2021 08:35
    very very good

New Comments
Zinoo Zinoo

im downloding the file but i dont know how to eject is there a video?

nurillo_hamidov nurillo_hamidov

no, it is only visible for you

timheu00 timheu00

can you please add that when you pull cases from inventory cahnger that you can increase the probability that you pull something good