ApexHackFree - ESP, Aimbot, GUI Menu

  • Developer: Struggle
  • Status:
  • Updated: 16.05.22
  • Current version: 1.0

ApexHackFree - ESP, Aimbot, GUI Menu

I'm sharing with you an excellent free hack from Chinese developers for the game Apex Legends. This is a simple cheat with GUI menu, actual functions and easy management. 

Free Apex Hack GUI Menu

Free Apex Hack GUI Menu

INS (INSERT) = Show hidden menu

END = Exit

Feature list:


Show Rays

Show player name

Show blood level

Show shield

Show box

Show distance


Self-targeting player

Ignore fallen players

Show self-targeting range

Customize self-targeting range

Customize self-targeting buttons

Custom self-targeting smoothing

Startup instructions:

First you need to change the language of the programs on your computer, you need to set the Chinese language

1. Administrator rights to run "Apex splitter.exe", click to install the driver [driver installed once, no need to repeat the installation]

2. Click the open button

3. Start the game

Free Download ApexHackFree - ESP, Aimbot, GUI Menu

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  1. jackielong973
    1 June 2022 07:14

    is it still working??

  2. elilfash
    21 May 2022 09:32

    when i do it sends me to a jap website ???

  3. bighaxernow
    16 May 2022 20:18

    Detected af dont use instant ban

    1. dzakir
      21 May 2022 02:54

      you thing all the cheat games 100% no getting banned?

  4. Kvlkso
    16 May 2022 14:06

    It is absolutely unclear in what sense to change the language? I added Chinese to the computer, nothing works anyway, a red cross and an ok button

  5. kecuy
    16 May 2022 11:45


    1. kecuy
      16 May 2022 22:04

      it doesnt support my region..

New Comments
pula pula

wow, works great! developer, add more features like triggerbot, rcs 😎

offlyne offlyne

One of the best cheats for CS2 with good functionality. Chances of getting banned are zero probability, the thing is that this is a read-only kernel cheat. Most importantly play discreetly, so that other players do not complain about you.

P.S: who can not run the cheat, just follow the instructions and video instructions. I have everything works perfectly!

Evelyn L Williams Evelyn L Williams

Hey sorry for bothering you how do you download it now I copied the link