Analyst Thorin commented on the problem of cheating in the professional CS:GO scene. On Twitter, he wrote that cheaters should be punished, even if it concerns the best players in the world.

For me, in the subject of cheating, everything is obvious: this is wrong, and cheaters should be punished. This will affect single player or all the worst or best player, terrible is the most helpful of all — it doesn't matter. If I found evidence that 90% of the best players are cheaters, I would immediately turn them in and burn the professional scene to the ground.

Such people are not worthy of continuing their careers, and this is the only way to set the right example for the younger generation of players.

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  1. doman991 · Real Cheater· 117 · error · doman991#4236
    17 October 2020 16:26
    Thorin's interview with cheater. I recommend to watch it his opinion might surprise you.
    Video ID: "gniSF1M9g_o" because link not allowed
  2. Slitherd · Cheater· 10 · error
    12 September 2020 21:44
    LOL AHAHAH this dude adamant about snitching smh bro smh
  3. mohami05 · Cheater· 20 · error
    10 September 2020 19:51
    there's at least 3 cheaters in mm CS:GO
    1. doman991 · Real Cheater· 117 · error · doman991#4236
      17 October 2020 16:28
      Invest some time in your main account.
  4. Leozin777skr · Cheater· 8 · error
    8 September 2020 17:38
    You guys still didn´t figure it out, Valve needs the cheaters, they are one of the bigger part of the money that valve gains, I even thinks that Valve it´s connected with some of the biggests paids cheats 
    1. doman991 · Real Cheater· 117 · error · doman991#4236
      17 October 2020 16:32
      Since cs go is free to play it doesn't work this way in my opinion because cheaters can create even 50 free account but it definitely improves what they call "AI" (which is ML not AI) and improves their "VAC net" in theory. Valve could easy eliminate 90% of the cheaters like valorant or lol but probably 70% of you dont remember when gaben had to say "sorry" for scanning you all running processes and changed how their anti cheat works and it doesn't scan you files or processes which is the reason why it is so easy to cheat in csgo.

      What you are saying doesn't make sense at all to be honest.
  5. oobe23 · Real Cheater· 98 · error · doovid#1234
    7 September 2020 20:06
    If valve wants to stop cheaters, they should HWID ban. It wouldn't 100 percent stop them but it would be harder than just making a new account.
    1. doman991 · Real Cheater· 117 · error · doman991#4236
      17 October 2020 16:38
      HW ban ist as good as you think. Yes it will stop 80% of cheater because they will be scared to do it but other cheaters who wll get banned ont be play any more which is big disadvantage for valve.

      The Best solution in my opinion is VAC which scans your running processes and files like Riot does in their games and there is really hard to find any cheater almost impossible. CSGO used to have anti cheat which scanned your files but users didnt like it and start protesting so VALVE removed it and gabes said sorry and promised to not doing it any more.
  6. kualat · Cheater· 22 · error
    7 September 2020 04:10
    I mean i agree, valve should push the punishment for bans