A Reddit user named Dinning, an avid fan of Among Us, decided to analyze how his gaming life is going. He played a hundred matches on The Skeld map, and brought the statistics of each into a single infographic.

Calculations have confirmed that the most dangerous room on the map is the hall with electrical equipment. It has an air vent leading to the Infirmary or Security, so that the traitor can easily leave the scene of the crime. In addition, the ventilation entrance is located near the site of one of the missions, and the corpse is not visible from the entrance.

Out of a hundred games, Dinning managed to play the role of a Traitor 26 times. Most often, 106 times, the vote ended in nothing, the players could not come to a consensus. In 46 cases, someone left the game immediately after the start. And in every tenth case, the alarm was announced without any reason.
Judging by the numbers, the author of the infographic did not often manage to meet cheaters and hackers, as rumor has it. However, developers have already started to fight them.
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  1. Geiles_lauchli · Cheater· 14 · error
    3 November 2020 13:56
    i like to cheat in some games but not in among us

    1. CCL · User· 3 · error
      26 March 2021 11:11
      true cheating in among us is trash
  2. RelentlessHvH · Elite· 277 · error
    21 October 2020 23:12
    bruh i keep getting cucked in engine bay, does that have to do that i have a massive ass??
  3. kualat · Cheater· 22 · error
    21 October 2020 14:53
    i keep getting killed in admin :{

    1. Nibger666 · User· 2 · error
      24 November 2020 19:56
      Yea when uploading feels bad 
  4. airforce · User· 4 · error
    19 October 2020 20:28
    i didnt fuckign know