It's only been five days since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on two-generation consoles and PC. However, this period was enough for the PC version of the game to be flooded with cheaters. PCGamer reviewed the profile resources and found a lot of reports about unscrupulous users in the project.

One of the proofs that there are scammers in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a video from a Reddit forum user under the pseudonym Sjoerd734. The player recorded the replay with the best moment in the round or in the match. The video shows how the cheater kills his rivals using automatic aiming: his weapon is independently aimed at the heads of opponents, and the user only has to press the button to shoot.

PCGamer journalists also found out that the network is already actively selling fraudulent programs for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The developers of the cheats offered to purchase access to them for seven days, a month or purchase an annual subscription. Offers range from $15 to $80.
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  1. EySwag · Cheater· 18 · error · DaGoose#8721
    14 December 2020 15:34
    Haven't seen a single cheater in cod
    and I have been playing for 2 years on mw and now on cw
  2. Geiles_lauchli · Cheater· 14 · error
    7 December 2020 15:48
    i usually dont cheat in cod cuz its not fun
     im onely cheating in other games
  3. _Dilaw__XQ · Elite· 89 · error · mlcDilaw#2263
    30 November 2020 20:31
    As A cheater🐔
    I don't Really See Fun In cheating Like Retard🔤 i usually Enable Just Chams🎨 
    Maybe Some Misc📝 Features To troll🤣 and Have Fun 👌with TeamMates💙 and Enemies 🖤
    But 🏹🧲AimBoting🏹🧲 The Whole Map😕 and Just Pressing😕 Mouse_1 Is Retarded 

    ✅iF you Wanna Cheat Put Your self In The Position Of Others✅
    1. cuderola · Real Cheater· 66 · error
      10 December 2020 14:52
      why you use 300 emojis in one comment? it makes your comment even more useless to the forum.
      1. _Dilaw__XQ · Elite· 89 · error · mlcDilaw#2263
        15 December 2020 18:42
        I Like emojis :) 
  4. DanielAndAll · Real Cheater· 70 · error · Jesus Fortnite Christ#1269
    23 November 2020 02:12
    they have ban bots i was banned immediately after telling a cheater to stop.... there goes $60 and i wasnt even gonna cheat in this game:(
    1. cuderola · Real Cheater· 66 · error
      10 December 2020 14:53
      send proof to activision mate
    2. DanielAndAll · Real Cheater· 70 · error · Jesus Fortnite Christ#1269
      12 January 2021 00:52
      Yo we got the same name!
      I love you