PUBG:Mobile developers banned more than 2 million players

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  • Updated: 21.12.20
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PUBG Mobile developers strike a new blow to cheaters. More than 2 million players were blocked during the week. The latest report, called Ban Pan, says that almost a third of all blocked gamers have changed the character model, while about 15% have used auto-targeting.

All accounts caught using cheats were permanently blocked.

Also, the most frequent violations, the developers called X-ray vision, a change in speed. All the cheats threatened the competitive principles of the game, which is played daily by more than 50 million users. The total number of banned gamers was approximately 4% of the total daily number of players.

While Fortnite is not available on iOS, the authors of PUBG Mobile are trying in every possible way to strengthen their position in the market, and cheaters in every possible way interfere with the company's plans. The developers of pubg mobile STRESSED THAT THE Fight Against Unscrupulous players continues.

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  1. _Dilaw__XQ
    _Dilaw__XQ · mlcDilaw#2263
    30 December 2020 00:41
    Its Just Free Hacks And Stuuf Btw Its Not 2 million They are LYing Cuz Its Impossible that Means They Banned Legits and cheaters 

  2. c70
    21 December 2020 20:03
    Cheaters Dont Cheating Anymore .

    1. Rdnrhm
      Real Cheater
      22 December 2020 16:12
      nah just dont search free hack pubg 2020 undetected