Team Fortress 2 players have figured out how to fight cheaters

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  • Updated: 05.09.20
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Fans of the team shooter (a game that focuses on the use of firearms) Team Fortress 2 have come up with a new way to deal with cheaters and players who interfere with the gameplay. This was announced on September 4 by the Game Rant portal.

Moders (creators of game modifications) have developed an add-on to the game that adds bots that attack cheaters. It is noted that they are very effective, but, as is often the case, having solved one problem, gamers are faced with another: a huge number of bots are now involved in matches.

Despite the fact that the release of Team Fortress 2 took place back in 2007, according to the well-known rating site Metacritic, this game is ranked in the top 10 of the most popular free multiplayer rating games on the PC platform.

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  1. zkisaboss
    6 September 2020 21:42
    Someone link this cheat, I want it. To SAVE tf2.

    1. Meemz21
      Real Cheater
      15 September 2020 16:37
      tf2 doesnt need cheats soldier is easy enough already. i need that pls send me i wanna kill the cheaters of this game

  2. ImNot
    5 September 2020 15:09
    This is ridiculous, the developers of cheats will still find a way out of this situation

  3. Meemz21
    Real Cheater
    5 September 2020 13:56
    YES FINALLY!!!!!!!

    1. zptppl
      Real Cheater
      5 September 2020 14:48
      Isn't that ironic? Meemz21 · Cheater ·

    2. PlsEnG
      5 September 2020 15:17
      Meemz21, lmao
      What did you leave here and get 21 comments?

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Jerome de sweat Jerome de sweat

Rofus if i open your link i dont have acces but ive got a question if i open the start.bat it opens i see rofus 1.7 and BAM it closes what do i need to do?

Rofus Rofus

pip install bettercam 

use pip install on every error you get

Rofus Rofus

reply here and i will help you:

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