A curious story happened in Apex Legends. One of the players was banned simply because the streamer girl thought he was a cheater and she complained about him to a friend from Respawn Entertainment. Unfairly banned was about to file a lawsuit, but suddenly it turned out that he still deserved the punishment, because he had repeatedly violated the rules of the game. However, the question of why someone can be banned without a trial just on the complaint of the streamer remains open.

A player in Apex Legends with the nickname KongoBoom in the topic on reddit said that the girl streamer LuluLuvely took him for a cheater and told a friend of the developer, as a result of which the unfortunate quickly and without any proceedings was banned. Instantly ban a player just based on the suspicions of the streamer-it's somehow wrong, and KongoBoom said that he is going to sue.

A few hours later, however, the situation turned a different direction. In the Apex Legends Twitter, a message appeared that KongoBoom is not the most decent player and deserves a ban: the guy already has several banned accounts, he previously tried to avoid bans and played with a player who used cheats.

Well, let's say the player really deserves a ban. But for some reason the sediment remains. Perhaps, of course, the developer who "took out the ban" managed to check something and find out the whole story, but from the outside it looked like just a ban at the request of a streamer girl. In any case, judging by the topic on reddit and the correspondence on Twitter, many people perceive this situation in this way.
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  1. MadRoxx · Real Cheater· 54 · error
    30 October 2021 00:05

    lulu and her team are hackers and reporting hackers to her friend thats the reason i deleted apex because its a small cummunity of friends and siblings and pay to win  and famous game leading it.

  2. Fauxchat · Cheater· 10 · error · Fauxchat#8648
    31 January 2021 17:03
    the apex community sucks
  3. Intervix · Cheater· 8 · error
    4 January 2021 08:42
    Simps Rule DA World
  4. LazySnail · User· 2 · error
    9 December 2020 23:05
    So she reported someone who was cheating, and he got banned. You guys are kind of idiots sometimes you know that. 
  5. _Dilaw__XQ · Elite· 89 · error · mlcDilaw#2263
    30 November 2020 20:37
    Even If He was A cheater⛔
    Its kind Stupid🥴
    I don't Know Why Simps Exist I this Type of Postion 
    💔Game Mods😡
    💜🚾Twitch Mods😡


    Most Of TheM are Fucking 🤢🤮🧡🖤 Cuz They Can't Get a Pussy Irl🚻 so they Will Worship🛐 Them In The Internet🤢🤮 Exist In the Internet Its Kinda Sad😕😕 And melancholy 
  6. 123igor123 · User· 1 · error
    29 November 2020 19:31
    hoppas du gillar RÄWA
  7. neroshima · User· 1 · error
    13 November 2020 03:40
    sad waht a lose
  8. almirant · Real Cheater· 55 · error
    12 November 2020 17:42
  9. pooeeiz · Cheater· 13 · error
    30 October 2020 16:43
    lmao okay this is why girls suck

    1. _Dilaw__XQ · Elite· 89 · error · mlcDilaw#2263
      4 November 2020 23:42
      truue this fucking Virgins Like twitch staff are Just worshiping girls streamers He did cheat on the past Maybe he stopped cheating 
      1. Scrubbybtw · Real Cheater· 64 · error · Lullaby#0254
        4 March 2021 09:14
        if you cheated once you probably aren't going to stop. If you evade a ban and legit cheat/stop cheating, try not to get caught and don't play with other cheaters.
        1. exterminatic_psychopath · User· 1 · error
          6 March 2021 19:26
          hey i stopped cheating a long time ago. it doesn't feel satisfying not using my skills at all
    2. NinjaIsaCoder · Real Cheater· 95 · error
      13 November 2020 13:14
      for real lmao