Yesterday's announcement and Activision's detailed story about a new anti-cheat system called RICOCHET did not anger players, despite the fact that it will install the driver directly into the operating system kernel. According to discussions on Reddit, the reason for this indifference is the strong fatigue of players from cheaters in Warzone, so gamers are ready for anything to play calmly. Even if it means that a driver will be installed on the system with a possible threat to system security and possible leakage of confidential data.

Recall that a similar method of dealing with cheaters was used during the release of Valorant, which also installed a driver to monitor third-party software that affects the game. The anti-cheat system in this case was called and is still called Vanguard.

Similar drivers for monitoring were used in Genshin Impact and Doom Eternal, which at one time also did not please the players. At the same time, many do not pay attention to the fact that Easy Anti-Cheat also uses a driver in the operating system kernel.

The reason players don't like KERNEL drivers (KERNEL is the central part of the operating system) is quite simple - this driver will have full access to the computer, unlike conventional drivers and software, which are isolated from the central system. In addition, some players are afraid for the safety of their personal data.

However, unlike the anti-cheat in Valorant, where the driver runs constantly, Call of Duty fans are comforted by the fact that the new driver will only work while playing Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Whether, however, the driver will work effectively against cheaters, we will know only after its implementation in Warzone, and then in Vanguard.
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  1. btc · Developer· 5 · error · gnarcotic#0771
    2 November 2021 17:22

    The anticheat is already reserve engineered, so it's pretty much useless. Just call it back bowtie

  2. nizeyanal · Cheater· 10 · error
    27 October 2021 16:27

    Imagine you dont have the skill to play a game without cheats XD..


    1. toxic_x10 · User· 2 · error
      4 November 2021 21:06
      You are registered on this cheating forum. That means ur bad so ur searching for cheats
  3. Kadetka · Real Cheater· 38 · error
    16 October 2021 10:42

    The developers will still find a way to bypass the protection :)

  4. coomer · User· 4 · error
    15 October 2021 18:58

    and the anticheat already leaked and is being reversed right now