Len's Island Cheat - Godmode, Give All Resources, Heal Player

  • Developer: wh0am15533
  • Status:
  • Updated: 04.05.22
  • Current version: v1.3

New and probably the only free cheat Trainer for Len's Island released in October 2021. In the cheat collected functions such as: Godmode, Give All Resources, Heal Player, and other functions will be added later, with the new update. For now, this hack only has these features that you can also play around with and enjoy immortality, getting unlimited resources and lives for your character. With that in mind, you can get well pumped, enjoy the gameplay and of course gradually pass the plot of the game. After all, this cheat contributes to the easy and most importantly, the successful development and passage of the game, whichever way you choose.

How to use

Download and unpack the archive, inject "LensIslandTrainer-v1.3.dll" with SharpMonoInjector

In the injector, specify the dаta: 

  • Namespace: Trainer
  • Class: TrainerLoader
  • Method: Init

Free Download Len's Island Cheat - Godmode, Give All Resources, Heal Player

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franxxking77 franxxking77

i haven't been banned and ive been pretty obvious sense i have 40 hours and im getting tone of head shots on ppl wit a deagle. (if theres a setting in misc called anti-event detection which stops u from using obvious and detected features keeping u from getting banned at least thats my experience)